What Is Parabolic Geometry?

Answer Also known as Euclidean geometry after the Greek mathematician Euclid, parabolic geometry is a mathematical system comprised of a small set of axioms from which theorems were deduced. It represents... Read More »

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What Is a Parabolic Fluorescent?

"A parabolic fluorescent" is a term used for a light fixture that is in the shape of a parabola to concentrate and focus light in one direction. Parabolic fluorescent fixtures are typically mounted... Read More »

What is a parabolic heater?

When looking to heat a small area, a parabolic electric space heater can be an effective alternative to regular space heaters or the more daunting task of installing a more complex heating system.N... Read More »

What does parabolic heat mean?

During heat transfer, heat travels from a warmer medium to a cooler one. The heat transfer equation is a partial differential equation describing the exchange of heat, and the solution to this equa... Read More »

What movie simulated weightlessness with hundreds of parabolic flights on nasa's kc-135 airplane?