What Is PCI-E in a BIOS Video Adapter?

Answer Video cards process data for graphics for a computer to take stress away from the Central Processing Unit. There are many types of video cards, and different ones connect to the computer's motherbo... Read More »

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How Do I Disable the Onboard Video Graphics Adapter BIOS for the Dell OptiPlex 755?

Most computers come with built-in graphics adapters. These are fine for most everyday usage, but there are times when they're not enough. Today's games and HD-intensive movies require powerful grap... Read More »

How to Flash a Video Card's BIOS?

The basic input/output system (BIOS) is a low-level operating system that acts to control your motherboard and certain other components of the computer, including the video card. Flashing the BIOS ... Read More »

How to Make Flash Video BIOS?

The BIOS of your video card is the operating system that keeps your card running, setting the card's processor and memory speeds. Flashing this program refers to the procedure of updating it to a m... Read More »

Why must a video card include a BIOS chip?

Although most computer components outside the motherboard do not require a separate ROM-installed BIOS program, graphics cards contain a BIOS of their own. To understand why, it's first necessary t... Read More »