What Is Normal Acidity For a Human Being?

Answer Your body has a very small buffer zone to maintain normal acid-base balance in your blood. According to dietitian Mary Grosvenor, normal pH level in your blood must be between 7.35 to 7.45. Any lev... Read More »

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How many autosomes does a normal human cell contain?

A normal human cell has 22 pairs or 44 individual autosomes. An autosome can contain between 750 and 2,800 genes. The autosomes are chromosomes that do not determine the sex of the offspring.Refere... Read More »

How many knuckles are in the normal human hand?

In total, each hand has 14 knuckles, also called joints. Each normal finger except for the thumb is comprised of three bone segments and three joints: a distal interphalangeal joint (top knuckle), ... Read More »

What is the normal human heart rate?

The normal, or average resting heart rate, consists of 64 to 72 beats per minute in men and 72 to 80 beats per minute in women. The maximum heart rate, according to BBC Science and Nature, consists... Read More »

What is the normal weight of a human head?

Contrary to what the adorable kid in "Jerry Maguire" said, the human head does not weigh eight pounds. It normally weighs a bit more than that. The average head weighs eleven pounds.Source:Mass of ... Read More »