What Is Nonfinancial Compensation?

Answer Compensation is often an important consideration for both prospective employees and employers. Whether a company is in the startup phase of business or simply wants to reduce its overall expenses, ... Read More »

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Is deferred compensation excluded from the definition of gross compensation?

According to tax regulations at Title 26 CFR § 1.414(s)-1(c)(3), deferred compensation is, under most cases, defined as "a safe harbor alternative" and thus is excluded from the definition of gros... Read More »

What type of nonfinancial information is helpful in constructing a budget model?

A budget model consists of bits of nonfinancial information, including but not limited to, the frequency and timing of certain preset expenditures. For example, taxes may be due in quarterly or yea... Read More »

What does just compensation mean?

Just compensation is a legal term pertaining to funds awarded in certain situations. In other words, if a person suffers loss or damage of property due to the actions of another party, he is entitl... Read More »

What is deferred compensation 457?

457 deferred compensation plans are tax-deferred retirement plans. Plans are funded through salary reductions, and available to employees of some state and local governments and tax-exempt organiza... Read More »