What Is My Federal Tax Rate?

Answer From the first 1040A form we file for our first job, the amount of money withheld from our paycheck and the tax we end up owing is figured using a table of rates published annually by the Internal ... Read More »

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What is the federal inheritance tax rate?

There is no federal inheritance tax in the United States Certain states, however, do assess inheritance taxes. The IRS also collects a tax on the estate, which is levied on the entire estate and fi... Read More »

What is a federal interest rate?

The federal government charges different interest rates for different types of borrowing. The government lends money to banks at one interest rate, borrows money to operate at another rate and char... Read More »

What is the maximum federal tax rate?

The maximum federal tax rate is subject to change, as Congress can adjust the tax brackets. As of 2010, the maximum federal income tax rate is 35 percent, which is levied on incomes of over $373, 6... Read More »

What does the federal interest rate mean?

The federal interest rate, or the federal funds rate, is the rate at which banks charge each other for overnight loans, according to The Federal Reserve sets this rate to help facilit... Read More »