What Is Mola Art?

Answer Molas are textile art created by the Kuna Indians in Panama. The Kuna women learn to make molas from the time they are children, and save them until they are of age to marry. Amazingly, many molas ... Read More »

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Mola Mola Information?

Mola mola is the scientific name for the Ocean Sunfish. Mola, which is both the generic and species name, is a Latin word that simply means millstone. The unusual morphology of this large bony fish... Read More »

What is a mola?

Mola is the traditional costume that the Kuna women of Panama wear. Among the Kuna, it is a symbol of artistic expression and ethnic identity.OriginMolas can be traced to the mid-19th century, soon... Read More »

What does MOLA stand for in moisture determination?

MOLA, according to Thermo Scientific, stands for Moisture On-Line Analyzer, which is a detective device of moisture in metallurgical grade coke and iron ore pellets. It's an easy to install low mai... Read More »