What Is Moire Fabric?

Answer Moire is a treatment in which a fabric is given a pattern that has a "watered" look. In fact, silk that is manufactured with a moire pattern is often called watered silk. There are different ways t... Read More »

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How Is Moire Fabric Made?

Moire is a fabric with an attractive rippling "watery" effect. Moire fabrics are often made from silk, and called "watered silk." The cloth pattern of moire fabric is created through a finishing pr... Read More »

Difference Between Permanent Press Fabric & Cotton Fabric?

Permanent press fabrics are those that have been specially treated with chemicals to resist wrinkles and hold their shape. While cotton fabric can be chemically treated to need little ironing, it l... Read More »

How to Install Fabric Air Duct/Fabric Ducts?

Fabric ducts can generally be installed in 60-80% of the time required to install an equivalent metal system.

What is the best fabric for retaining pleats in a fabric bed skirt?