What Is Irredeemable Debt?

Answer The concept of irredeemable debt in the United States is something that has had an effect on our economy, as well as on how we are capable of using our money in general. Today, countries around the... Read More »

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How to Redeem a Seemingly Irredeemable Villain in Fiction?

Writing has many challenges and redeeming a villain is one of them. Someone strayed on the wrong path finding his way back to the right way appeals to us, because it offers us the sense of hope we ... Read More »

Can personal property or a paid off condominium be taken by a debt collector to pay off credit card debt in Pa?

Creditors may certainly look to seize/attach your assets of most types to pay the debts you promised or obligated to pay and don't. They also get to recover any costs for having to act to have you ... Read More »

How long after a credit card debt judgment can a debt be collected in Michigan?

The statute of limitations on collecting a judgment in Michigan is 10 years. Keep in mind that if the debtor is paying off the judgment in installments, the statute of limitations is put on hold du... Read More »

How Long Does a Debt Collector Have to Respond to a Request for Evidence of Debt?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires lenders and collectors to abide by rules and regulations to ensure that borrowers are being treated fairly and with respect. One of these rules is th... Read More »