What Is Internal Error 2908?

Answer A message on your computer screen that states, "Internal Error 2908: Could not install component" can serve as an annoying roadblock for what should be an effortless software installation. Simple c... Read More »

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What is internal error 2738?

An Internal Error 2738 occurs when a user tries "to install or uninstall Palm HotSync software on a Windows XP Home Edition" computer. Microsoft also notes other sources for the error with Vista.Si... Read More »

What is an HTTP 500 Internal server error?

An HTTP Error 500 Internal server error is a "catch all" error. It indicates that something went wrong when an Internet server tried to connect to a website, but no further information is available... Read More »

How do i fix application internal error no.502?

The file that is doing the install may be corrupted. Try downloading a good copy from the Yahoo web site..

Starcraft 2 Global Internal Error?

Do the following:1. type some bs into the password so it displays that u have an invalid pass2. type your real pass and it will log you inthe problem is that the message is stuck. interruption from... Read More »