What Is Infrared Transceiver?

Answer Communication between electronics is essential for working with multiple devices and transferring information. Having different pieces of equipment able to "talk" to each other provides faster, mor... Read More »

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What is an eHome infrared transceiver used for?

The Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver is a device used for transferring and receiving data. According to Microsoft Corp., the device is highly recommended for major and large file transfer appli... Read More »

What Is the RS-232 Transceiver?

The RS-232 transceiver is a digital interface, using the RS-232 standard, allowing the transfer of data to and from a computer via an RS-232 port. RS, or Recommended Standard, 232, uses 25-pin conn... Read More »

What is a LAN transceiver?

A local area network (LAN) transceiver is a small electronic device that converts category 5 copper Ethernet interfaces to fiber optic cable. Transceivers are used heavily in enterprise voice and d... Read More »

GPS Transceiver Vs. Transponder?

The Global Positioning Satellite network, launched in 1978, is a powerful system for navigation that has effectively replaced mankind's use of navigation by constellations. Now, instead of learning... Read More »