What Is Idle Air Control?

Answer Engines require three things to run: air, fuel and spark. Though the main throttle butterfly controls the majority of the engine's airflow, all engines must include a provision to feed the engine ... Read More »

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What are Idle Air Control Problems?

When engine problems occur in an automobile causing the vehicle to misfire, stall, backfire or not start at all, the idle air control is a component that may cause these symptoms. A motor and valve... Read More »

How to Tell If the Idle Control Valve Is Bad?

All cars today have a number of systems that control every aspect of their operation. Years ago when all cars were carburated, the engine operation was dependent on the carburator for all fuel mana... Read More »

Idle Air Control Symptoms?

There are a variety of sensors and valves that work together to help control the combustion and ignition process for automobile engines. When any one of these components fail to work properly, comm... Read More »

Is My Idle Air Control Sensor Bad?

The idle air control sensor or valve on an automobile controls the idle speed of the motor. It is also called an idle speed control, automatic idle speed motor and idle speed control solenoid. The ... Read More »