What Is Idle Air Control?

Answer Engines require three things to run: air, fuel and spark. Though the main throttle butterfly controls the majority of the engine's airflow, all engines must include a provision to feed the engine ... Read More »

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What Is the Idle Air Control Valve?

Automotive engines are composed of many intricate parts. These parts must function with precision to ensure the engine functions properly. One crucial component in a car engine is the idle air cont... Read More »

What are Idle Air Control Problems?

When engine problems occur in an automobile causing the vehicle to misfire, stall, backfire or not start at all, the idle air control is a component that may cause these symptoms. A motor and valve... Read More »

What is an idle air control valve?

The idle air control valve, or IAC as more commonly known, controls the idling speed of your vehicle's engine. If your engine seems to go up and down at different RPMs while idling, the IAC may be ... Read More »

What Are the Functions of an Idle Control Valve?

Engine idling refers to the speed at which an internal combustion engine runs when the gear is disengaged. This idle speed is controlled by a device called an idle control valve, or idle air contro... Read More »