What Is ISO 6400?

Answer Unlike your eyes, camera film cannot adapt to changes in light. Instead, films are manufactured with different sensitivity to light. Their sensitivity, or speed, is measured on a scale produced by ... Read More »

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What is the temperature range of an AMD 6400 CPU?

The AMD Athlon 6400+ CPU runs from 40 degrees Celcius up to a maximum of 63 degrees Celcius. To make your processor last longer, keep it as cool as possible. If you find that the temperature is sta... Read More »

Can i put an mmc card into a dell 6400?

You can put a MultiMedia Card (MMC) in the Dell Inspiron 6400 card reader. Additionally, the Inspiron 6400 card reader supports Secure Digital (SD) cards, Memory Stick (MS), MS Pro and xD cards.Ref... Read More »

How to Clean the Fan for a Dell 6400?

The Dell 6400 is a laptop computer that has a single fan embedded in the case of the computer that helps keep the computer from overheating. Over time, this fan will become clogged with dust and ot... Read More »

My Inspiron 6400 Won't Power Up or Turn On?

The Inspiron 6400 from Dell is a mid-range laptop computer that features the portability of a notebook computer with power and screen size of a desktop. With its 15.4-inch, high-resolution screen, ... Read More »