What Is Humanistic Psychology?

Answer Humanistic psychology looks at the whole person, as someone who's unique, has responsibilities and makes his own choices. Humanistic psychologists also believe that a person seeks creativity, meani... Read More »

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Key Concepts of Humanistic Theory?

Humanism came about as a reaction to the theories of psychoanalysis and behaviorism. Humanists felt that focusing on unconscious thoughts in psychoanalysis ignored the thoughts humans were having a... Read More »

What are the humanistic approaches to psychotherapy?

It might be helpful for you to contact the Child Protective Services in your home state. That would at least give you a start.

Pros & Cons of Humanistic Curricula?

A humanistic curriculum is one in which religion plays no part, with the exception of its occasional study as a historical phenomenon. Humanism is a rationalist philosophy that teaches that religio... Read More »

How does clinical psychology compare to other areas of psychology?

Clinical psychologists differ from other mental health professionals in that they are trained in both clinical practice and psychological research. Experimental psychologists, in comparison, are tr... Read More »