What Is Gross Spread Ratio?

Answer Gross spread ratio looks at the spread of interest between borrowing and lending. Banks make money by borrowing short-term money from depositors and then using these funds to make long-term loans t... Read More »

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What is a gross profit ratio?

Gross profit ratio is a number that determines how much a business can cut its sale prices without suffering losses. The formula used to determine gross profit ratio is: Gross Profit Ratio = (Gros... Read More »

Is debt ratio based on net or gross pay?

A borrower's debt ratio is determined by calculating the percentage of gross pay that is dedicated to debt repayment each month. Gross pay is the amount paid to an employee prior to any deductions ... Read More »

Gross Sales to Equity Ratio?

The gross sales-to-equity ratio is an operating performance ratio used in financial analysis of organizations that generate sales. The ratio measures key relationships in a company's day-to-day ope... Read More »

What Are the Elements of the Gross Profit Ratio?

Gross profit margin analysis is an essential tool for any business owner. This number compares your gross profit to your total income, telling you how much it costs to make a dollar worth of income... Read More »