What Is Grass Silage?

Answer Silage is a moist feed for livestock that is created by storing compacted green forage plants in an airtight silo. Forage plants, by definition, include grasses harvested as either hay or compacted... Read More »

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How to Dry Corn Silage?

Ruminant livestock such as cows take well to forage in the form of corn silage. Consisting of the entire corn plant chopped into pieces, silage is optimally high in moisture content when harvested.... Read More »

How do i make silage in garbage bags?

Cut your grass early in the morning so that it will be wet with dew. Place it inside a plastic garbage bag. Place that inside of another plastic garbage bag.Continue adding clippings and stomping t... Read More »

How to Make Silage From Sweet Potato Vines?

Making silage or animal feed from sweet potato vines involves a process called ensiling, or "preserving green fodder in a silo." On a smaller scale, silage may be made in batches using air-tight pl... Read More »

I am turning lawn into a vegi patch i am digging the grass up can i turn it over or do i need to remove grass?

OK .... if you turn it over the grass will seek the sun and you will just have more grass. Breaking apart the roots works for a little while, until they recover and start producing grass again, lol... Read More »