What Is Fragrance?

Answer A fragrance is made from a pleasant smelling aroma compound. To be a fragrance the compound needs to be made of volatile chemicals that create an odor. The odor or fragrance has to have a smell th... Read More »

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What fragrance/s do you use?

Yves Saint Laurent - Cinema.The sexiest smell ever!

What is a decanted fragrance?

The term "decanted fragrance" simply means that someone poured a perfume from a large bottle into a smaller bottle, often as a tester or sample. The fragrance is the same, just in a smaller quantit... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance oils, the synthetic versions of natural scents, often get sneered at for their lack of authenticity and nuance. Many people who work with scents, from candle makers to high-end perfume cr... Read More »

What are fragrance oils made of?

Fragrance oils are made with a base of carrier oils. They derive their scent when essential oils or artificial fragrances--or a mixture of those ingredients--are added to the carrier oils. Essentia... Read More »