What Is Fluorescent Antibody Technique?

Answer Fluorescent Antibody Technique is a diagnostic tool in which a fluorescent dye is added to tissue containing antigens. The result causes the targeted area to glow with ultraviolet light when viewed... Read More »

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What is the definition of an antibody?

An antibody is an immune protein that is produced in response to the introduction of an antigen in the body. White blood cells produce antibodies to fight against foreign objects, such as microorga... Read More »

What is a rubella igg antibody?

Rubella IgG antibodies indicate whether a patient has had a recent or past exposure to the rubella virus. A blood test is given to determine the presence or absence of IgG antibodies. Rubella, also... Read More »

What is a primary antibody?

A primary antibody is the antibody that attaches directly to an antigen (protein, bacteria, virus, etc.). Secondary antibodies attach to primary antibodies in order to attack an antigen. Primary an... Read More »

What is a cardiolipin antibody?

An anti-cardiolipin antibody is an antibody that binds cardiolipin. A major component of the inner membrane of mitochondria, cardiolipin is crucial to energy production in mammalian cells. Anti-car... Read More »