What Is Fluorescent Antibody Technique?

Answer Fluorescent Antibody Technique is a diagnostic tool in which a fluorescent dye is added to tissue containing antigens. The result causes the targeted area to glow with ultraviolet light when viewed... Read More »

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How big is an antibody?

Antibodies are protein molecules that help the body fight infection. Their size is an important characteristic. An antibody is 150 dalton (kDa). This unit measures molecular mass and is equal to th... Read More »

What is an anti-SSA antibody?

An anti-SSA antibody is an antibody that binds with an antigen known as Sjogren's Syndrome antigen (SSA), also known as Ro antigen. Tests for anti-SSA are positive in 30-40 percent of patients suff... Read More »

What is an endomysial antibody?

An endomysial antibody is a substance that the human body releases into the bloodstream in the presence of gluten in the body of a patient with Celiac disease. The endomysial antibody combats the ... Read More »

What is a neutralizing antibody?

An antibody is a protein made by your body’s immune system. A neutralizing antibody attaches to a virus and prevents it from infecting a cell. Neutralizing antibodies are used frequently in HIV a... Read More »