What Is False Advertising?

Answer In an age where consumers are barraged with thousands of advertising messages a week, a percentage of those ads are false and results in lost money for the consumer and possible health risks. The F... Read More »

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Is wearing makeup false advertising?

OK Sunny, you've got me answering a question in Home > All Categories > Beauty & Style > Makeup. That is an epic win for you! ;-pNo it is not if it is done correctly. Using only enough to accent... Read More »

Is 1080p false advertising on a blueray with 2.35 aspect ratio?

I get what you are saying but I think if they did what you feel they should do it would confuse more than it would help. Try looking at it this way: IF the movie were the aspect ratio that would ... Read More »

File complaint against qwest directv bundle false advertising?

Because Versus is owned by Comcast and Directv is to cheap to pay the price comcast wants to lease the channel Versus.

If a contract to rent a beach house in VA Beach is signed in Maryland can suit for false advertising be brought in Maryland even if the property management co is located in VA Beach?

If the property management company or the realtor handling the rental arrangements have a physical place of business in the state of Maryland, the suit can be brought in Maryland. If not, it must b... Read More »