What Is Exfoliating With Mineral Sea Salt?

Answer Many people would agree that exfoliating their skin feels good. But when mineral salts are used for exfoliating, they bring more to the table than just sloughing action. The minerals within the sal... Read More »

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Homemade Sea Salt Exfoliating Scrub?

Learning to make your own sea salt exfoliating scrub is relatively easy, and you may have all the ingredients in your own kitchen. Sea salt scrubs that are sold at spas and boutiques can be expensi... Read More »

Mineral Composition of Rock Salt?

Rock salt is composed of only one mineral, halite. Halite, rock salt and sodium chloride all refer to the same substance. Halite is the mineral name, rock salt is the common name and sodium chlorid... Read More »

What is the most common mineral in rock salt?

Rock salt, NaCL, is also known as the mineral halite and is the same thing as table salt. Rock salt is the result of evaporated salt water found in deposits surrounding inland marginal seas, estuar... Read More »

Does black Hawaiian mineral sea salt contain charcoal?

Also known as Hiwa Kai, black Hawaiian mineral sea salt does contain charcoal. Charcoal is added to both enrich the color of the sea salt and to help enhance the flavor of any food you add it to.Re... Read More »