What Is Emergency Road Service?

Answer Emergency road service is assistance that comes to a driver on the roadside who cannot drive her car for help for any number of reasons. Service providers sell access to assistance, or include it w... Read More »

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Cited for using road shoulder for "non emergency use"?

Sounds bogus to me. You need to read the law:Utah Vehicle Traffic Code --…Cite the code that is written on your ticket.

What is the fourth emergency service coast guard?

it's 'she sells sea shells by the sea shore', not 'she shells sea shells by the sea shore'.

The History of the Emergency Medical Service?

The simple dialing of 9-1-1 springs Emergency Medical Services (EMS) into action, providing the fastest emergency medical care possible. But the truth is, EMS as we know it today didn't develop unt... Read More »

Is Road Runner a DSL service?

Road Runner is not a DSL service, it is a cable modem Internet service. Road Runner utilizes cable modem technology through cable services in the subscriber's local area to provide an Internet conn... Read More »