What Is Elemis Detox?

Answer The elemis detox program is not a true detox program, but rather a beauty and weight loss program that includes an element of detoxification. The main goals of the program are for people on the pro... Read More »

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What is drug detox?

Drug detoxification is defined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as the process of allowing the body to break an addiction by ridding itself of toxins while managing the withdrawal symptoms.T... Read More »

What to Expect at Detox?

One of the primary reasons why drug addicts continue to abuse is to avoid the terrible withdrawal symptoms that go along with kicking drugs and alcohol. To help addicts through this process, detox ... Read More »

What do I use for a full body detox?

Our bodies have natural detoxification systems which release toxins through our urine, sweat, gases and fecal matter, but poor eating habits, toxic air, water and sedentary lifestyles have weakened... Read More »

What is an alcohol addiction detox?

Alcohol detox, or detoxification, is the process that someone who is addicted to alcohol must go through to break the addiction. There are several stages and levels of severity to an alcohol detoxi... Read More »