What Is Electrostatic Painting?

Answer Electrostatic painting, or powder coating, is a newer method for painting metals and certain types of plastics, using electrically charged powders to create a smoother finish and a variety of effects.

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What Is Electrostatic Metal Painting?

You may have noticed that the paint finish on your metal filing cabinet, or another manufactured metal object, seems almost impossibly smooth and perfect. In many cases, the pristine paint jobs we... Read More »

Is electrostatic used in photocopy machines?

In a photocopy machine, an image is created on paper using electrostatic attraction. The copier puts a positive electrical charge, matching the image being copied, onto a sheet of paper. Negatively... Read More »

How do I clean electrostatic air cleaners?

DisassemblyTurn your electrostatic air cleaner/air purifier off, and unplug it from the wall before beginning. Follow the instructions to disassemble your electrostatic air purifier, and remove the... Read More »

How to Ground Yourself to Avoid Destroying a Computer with Electrostatic Discharge?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a fancy term for common static electricity. Getting a shock from the doorknob may not hurt you much, but the same kind of shock can put your computer in intensive c... Read More »