What Is Egyptian Body Wax?

Answer Egyptian body wax isn't actually a wax at all. Rather, it's a sugar-based paste that's used like wax to remove hair from the face and body. Proponents of "sugaring" -- an ancient hair removal metho... Read More »

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How to Remove the Body Oil from Your White Egyptian Sheets?

Sweating and naturally oily skin can quickly take its toll on your white Egyptian sheets. Body oil will leave white sheets dingy with a yellowish tint; no matter how many times you wash them the di... Read More »

What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton is a luxurious fabric that is used to make household cloths like bed linens and towels. The growing conditions and location of Egyptian cotton make it different from other types of ... Read More »

What is an Egyptian cartouche?

The cartouche is an oval-shaped, hieroglyphic nameplate with the border drawn to represent a rope. The cartouche is in various forms, including carving in stone or made as jewelry. Known in Ancien... Read More »

What does the Egyptian eye stand for?

The Egyptian eye stands for healing and protection and symbolizes the right eye of Horus, the sun god. The dimensions of the eye were once used to determine the ratio of medicinal mixes. Modern me... Read More »