What Is Done to My Volkswagen Beetle at the 45,000 Mile Service?

Answer Routine car maintenance includes a series of oil changes, tire rotations and inspections that occur throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. The 45,000-mile service is a general inspection and tune... Read More »

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What Year Was the First Volkswagen Beetle Made?

The first Volkswagen Beetle debuted in Germany in 1938, right before the onset of World War II.Source:Volkswagen Vehicle Information

What Work Is Done for 95,000-Mile Maintenance?

A 95,000-mile maintenance is a minor service usually; it may also be used as a chance to do any maintenance that was not done on the major service typically done at 90,000 miles.

Who invented the volkswagen beetle?

Ferdinand Porsche came up with the general idea for the Beetle in 1931. He worked with Adolf Hitler to design the car.Source:Volkswagen New Beetle History

Who developed the Volkswagen Beetle?

In 1936, the Volkswagen Beetle was developed in Germany by Ferdinand Porsche. He had been commissioned two years prior by Hitler to create a small, inexpensive car. It was originally called KdF Wag... Read More »