What Is DDR2 Dual Channel Memory?

Answer DDR2 dual channel memory refers to memory that operates at clock rates of 400MHz and above. It is capable of transmitting data twice every clock cycle. It is not compatible with motherboards that a... Read More »

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Is DDR2 ram dual-channel?

DDR2 ram may be dual channel if it is DDR2-SDRAM and has 128 pins, but dual-channel is actually supported through the motherboard. You can usually tell a machine that supports dual channels because... Read More »

Can I use triple channel memory kit in a dual channel motherboard?

Yes, it will work. All they do is add another stick. Nothing in the ram itself determines whether it is dual or triple channel. You'll be fine.

Which performs better a single 2GB DDR2 or Dual 1GB DDR2 on two slots?

If your motherboard supports dual channel, then the dual channel is better.Matt, however is incorrect in saying that all motherboards in the past six years are dual-channel. Most are, however some ... Read More »

Does the D600 laptop use dual channel memory?

The Dell Latitude D600 notebook does not support dual channel memory, although the system does have two memory slots that can together hold up to 2 GB of DDR memory. Dual channel technology allows ... Read More »