What Is Considered Breaking a Lease?

Answer Leases are legal contracts between a lessor -- the person who owns the rented property -- and the lessee. Most leases have set terms, such as the time period of the rental and payment amounts. Thes... Read More »

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Can You Get Sued for Breaking a Lease?

Breaking a lease will likely have consequences, but the extent of consequences depends largely on your landlord. Because ending a lease early is breach of contract, this move can negatively affect ... Read More »

What Are the Penalties of Breaking a Lease in Pennsylvania?

A lease is a contract and breaking it can hurt you. It doesn't have to: Pennsylvania law does include rules that may enable you to walk away from your lease and keep your security deposit. If you d... Read More »

Can I Be Sued for Breaking a Lease Because I Lost My Job?

When you lose your job, sometimes you lose more than just your employment; you may lose everything that job helped pay for. Among the many obligations that you might be unable to meet in the event ... Read More »

The Average Fees When Breaking an Apartment Lease?

When you sing a lease, you are legally bound to remain in the apartment for the entire lease term. If you break your lease, you might end up owing anywhere from one or two months of rent to all the... Read More »