What Is Considered Abandoment of a Rental Property?

Answer The laws in each state across the country regulate when a landlord may consider a rental property abandoned. These regulations also detail what a landlord must do with any remaining personal proper... Read More »

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Is sale of rental property considered passive income?

According to the IRS, there are only two kinds of passive income: trade or business activities in which you do not participate materially, and rental activities. If you recognize gain from the sale... Read More »

Is your property management co allowed to make semi annual inspections of your rental property?

Yes, if it says so on the lease. Normally these inspections are in the form of "preventive maintenance," meaning they're inspecting the plumbing, air conditioning, and for pests. They have the righ... Read More »

What Is The Real Tax Benefit of Rental Property?

When a landlord rents out a home or apartment, he can claim several deductions when filing an income tax return. The landlord does have to report the rent payments as income, but there are many tax... Read More »

What is the meaning of rental value as related to property?

"Rental value" is the income that can be derived from renting a property. It can refer to actual income from existing tenants, as well as potential income from vacant property. Rental value is fr... Read More »