What Is Causing the Long Cracks in My Drywall Ceiling?

Answer Those long cracks in your ceiling can be an eyesore, but they may be alerting you to a more serious problem. Dripping water may be causing the cracks. If they are in a downstairs room, the problem ... Read More »

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How do you repair small cracks in Drywall Board?

Answer If they are small cracks just make sure their clean andfill with drywall compound which can be purchased in smalltubs.

How to Patch Cracks in Garage Drywall Taping?

Most garages are not climate-controlled. With temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity, drywall tape can loosen from the wall surface and crack or bulge. While the tape does not hold drywa... Read More »

How to Repair Cracks in a Textured Ceiling?

Ceilings are the most overlooked areas of any house. Most often, ceilings are only looked at when repairs are needed. Most of the time, a ceiling crack can be repaired with a simple putty patch. Bu... Read More »

Valuation Survey - cracks on the ceiling and walls?

Yes,I would get a builder to check out the cracks as they could be caused by a roof problem & end up being an expensive matter for you.Damp could also be getting in.A full structural survey is alwa... Read More »