What Is Causing a Dim Headlight?

Answer If one headlight on your car is dim but stable, the odds are that the solution is a simple and easy one. With the effects of aging beginning to impact older cars equipped with high-voltage halogen... Read More »

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What Is Causing My BlackBerry to Lag?

Like many devices, BlackBerry smart phones are susceptible to memory issues. If not addressed, an overloaded memory system can cause the device to slow down or delete data.

What is causing this?

Its a nerve...I get it all the time, and I know its because of the damage I have in my back.*

What is causing my headache?

Try drinking a lot of water. Being a little dehydrated can cause that. Migraines tend to often come in that location, but we don't have enough info to say it is that. If it doesn't stop you should ... Read More »

What is causing my vertigo?

Vertigo is a sensation of movement or perceived movement of surroundings when there is no actual movement. It often results in feelings of spinning, whirling or falling. Vertigo can cause balancin... Read More »