What Is Capsicum Annuum?

Answer Capsicum annuum is better known as cayenne pepper. This pepper plant is native to tropical America, although farmers and gardeners also grow it in the mid-Atlantic states. Although cayenne pepper i... Read More »

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How do I grow capsicum annuum?

StartingChoose from the many varieties of capsicum, or pepper plants, depending on the flavor you desire. Bell peppers are sweet, serrano peppers are fairly spicy and chiltepin are excruciating. So... Read More »

What is a red capsicum?

The word "capsicum" substitutes for sweet pepper or bell pepper in British English. Actually, the genus name "capsicum" encompasses all brands of peppers including hot peppers.HistoryTropical Ameri... Read More »

What Is Capsicum?

Capsicum is a genus of plant in the nightshade family. All its species produce pods known as peppers. The botanical term "capsicum" includes the full range of plants from sweet bell peppers to the ... Read More »

What is a red capsicum for birdseed?

Red capsicum is an additive for wild birdseed or suet that is intended to discourage other animals--particularly squirrels and rodents--from eating the seed. While capsicum acts as an irritant for ... Read More »