What Is Calendula Herb?

Answer The use of the calendula herb dates back to medieval times when it was valued for its beauty and healing properties in practice and in literature. In "A Winter's Tale," Shakespeare mentions the flo... Read More »

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Does the herb rosemary grow better then the herb thyme?

well that depends, if you have a shady spot were you want to grow herbs rosemary would be easier, thyme likes sun lite.

As a finishing touch of marinade for Lamb Chop, is it better a melted garlic herb butter or garlic herb oil?

I would say either one, depending on the cut of the chop, if it was a ribs rack chop the butter, if it is a loin or shoulder chop the oil as these have more fat and are generally thicker cut chops,... Read More »

Is a culinary herb and a medicinal herb the same?

Not necessarily, they can be ,but some medicinal herbs are not culinary, and some culinary are not medicinal.Culinary - means an herb used in cooking to enhance or flavour a dish.Medicinal - means ... Read More »

How do I dry calendula?

Drying Whole Calendula FlowersHarvest calendula flowers in the afternoon when the flowers are fully open and at their prime. Pick the flower leaving several inches of stem attached. Tie several ste... Read More »