What Is BxA in Stock Trades?

Answer Knowing what the symbols mean when looking at stock and investment information can help you make more money on your investments. It can help you to plan what stocks to buy or sell and at what pric... Read More »

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Do all stock trades go to the exchange floor?

All stock trades do not go to the exchange floor. For instance, according to a 2010 article in the Los Angeles Times, a significant number of stock transactions in the New York Stock Exchange are m... Read More »

What Does It Mean to Put in a Stop Limit on Stock Trades?

When an investor places a stop-limit order on a stock trade, it is an order to sell a particular stock at a specific price in order to protect the investor from losing more money than he or she is ... Read More »

How many same day stock trades can I make in a week?

You can make up to 3 stock trades (buy and sell the same shares) in a rolling 5 day period and not be considered a pattern day trader. If you are considered a pattern day trader, you must maintain ... Read More »

How to Compare Online Stock Trades?

Stock trading online is an inexpensive way to quickly buy and sell securities without the necessity of working through a certified broker. When comparing trades it's important to compare the whole ... Read More »