What Is Bonded Jet Fuel?

Answer Bonded jet fuel is, in short, jet fuel that is not subject to taxation. Bonded jet fuel can only be used for international flights, entering the country under "bond." Interestingly, it was invented... Read More »

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When starting a small photography business do you need to be bonded and if so how do you go about getting bonded?

Answer If you are starting your own small photography business you shouldn't need to be bonded. When you get larger (if you get large enough) you may wish to consider some sort of professional liab... Read More »

How to Become Bonded?

A surety bond is a type of agreement often used between contractors and their clients. A bond agreement consists of 3 parties: the principal (the contractor), the obligee (the contractor's client),... Read More »

How to Tell Bonded Leather?

While bonded leather does not boast a great reputation, it does in fact, contain leather, contrary to what some assert, claiming it's simply fake or plastic. Bonded leather refers to scraps of leat... Read More »

What does 'are you capable of being bonded' mean?

If you are insured then you should see your name on the certificate itself or on the referenced endorsement page.