What Is Bipolar Type I?

Answer Bipolar disorder is broken into four basic types, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (from most to least severe): type I, type II, not otherwise specified, and c... Read More »

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Can you have type 1 Bipolar?

u dont always hallucinate in type 1, really type one is diagnosed because of full mania and possible phycosis if the grandoise is bad enough that would be classed as manic, the difference usually w... Read More »

What is bipolar type 1?

Bipolar type I is one of the disease in the bipolar spectrum. Bipolar type I is the condition once known, according to Medline Plus, as manic depression; bipolar type I is thought to be the most se... Read More »

What is type ii bipolar?

Bipolar disorder II is one of the three main bipolar disorders; the others are bipolar I and cyclothymia, according to the Mayo Clinic. Bipolar II is characterized by episodes of both depression an... Read More »

How to Tell if Someone Is Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder (or also known as manic depression) is when your moods frequently change from an irritable mood (mania) alternating with periods of depression. Read this article to tell if someone... Read More »