What Is Automatic Website Checking?

Answer Phishing is a form of identity theft. Phishing usually involves fraudulent websites set up to look like legitimate business websites, that unsuspecting users are directed to by email or other links... Read More »

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How do I stop an automatic checking account withdrawal?

Write a letter to the company that is making the automatic withdrawals from your checking account. Inform it that you no want no further debits to your account. Sign and date the letter. Make a cop... Read More »

How do I stop automatic debits from a checking account?

Call the CompanyCall the company or institution that is debiting your account. It will stop withdrawing from your account once you give it authorization.Contact Your BankContact your bank or credit... Read More »

How do I close a checking account with automatic payment?

Notify PayeesNotify all vendors that your checking account automatically pays that you are closing your bank account. Do this at least three days before you are scheduled to be billed. Verify that ... Read More »

What information is needed for automatic deposits into a checking account?

Your routing and account numbers from your checking account are needed to receive automatic deposits. The party who will be making the deposits may also require a voided check from your account, y... Read More »