What Is Anodized Metal?

Answer The process of creating a thin protective coating on the surface of a metal, called anodization, is an important tool for creating materials with a number of commercial applications. Anodized alumi... Read More »

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What does hard anodized mean?

Hard anodized refers to electrochemical procedure that transforms the soft molecules that make up aluminum into molecules that are two times as durable as stainless steel. This process is commonly ... Read More »

What is anodized cookware?

Anodized cookware is a type of aluminum cookware that manufacturers treat by rapidly oxidizing it to create a thick layer of aluminum oxide. The coating of aluminum oxide makes the cookware harder,... Read More »

Are anodized skillets bad for you?

On One Hand: Anodized Skillets are Safe to Use and HarmlessAluminum is anodized when the metal is placed in a bath of electrolytes that is then electrically charged. The anodization process creates... Read More »

Anodized Pot Vs. Stainless Steel?

Look down any cookware aisle and you'll see a myriad of cookware choices. It can be confusing. When it comes to cookware, it pays to be aware of the similarities and differences between each type o... Read More »