What Is Alaska's State Animal?

Answer Moose are an appropriate choice as Alaska's state animal, as these giant creatures match the vast scale of the "Last Frontier" and are nearly ubiquitous throughout the state. Moose wander the stree... Read More »

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What is minnesota's state animal?

Though bills have been proposed numerous times, the Minnesota Legislature has not adopted an official state animal. Minnesota does, however, have an official state bird (the common loon), state fis... Read More »

Does Minnesota have a state animal?

Minnesota has a state bird, state insect and state fish. The Minnesota state bird is the common loon. The Minnesota state insect is the monarch butterfly, and the Minnesota state fish is the walley... Read More »

What is Nebraska's state animal?

States choose symbols to represent the natural treasures found in the state. Nebraska's rolling hills, grassy prairies and meandering rivers are home to several of the state's treasured and designa... Read More »

What is the state animal of Minnesota?

While Minnesota does not have an official state animal, legislation has been introduced multiple times to designate either the white-tailed deer or the Eastern timber wolf. Despite this, neither ha... Read More »