What Is After Shave Conditioner?

Answer Caring for skin after shaving is just as important as caring for it prior to shaving. The key is to keep skin hydrated and smooth, and to avoid razor burns and bumps. When skin is conditioned right... Read More »

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How to Shave With Conditioner?

People who have sensitive skin often have reactions when shaving with a standard shaving cream. Shaving creams meant for those with sensitive skin are often very costly. Hair conditioner can replac... Read More »

Ladies, when you shave your legs do you shave just the lower leg, or the upper leg too?

I try and shave my legs right up to my excellent pubic dreads, which are approximately 3" above my knees.

How to Shave With Non-Foaming Shave Creams?

Non-foaming shaving creams have become popular in the last few years, mostly because they are not alcohol-based and cannot dry out the skin like some of their foamy counterparts. Non-foaming shave ... Read More »

What is the difference between block shave ice makers and cube shave ice makers?

A Block Shave Ice Maker is when you get a big block of ice and put it in a Block Shave Ice Maker.