What Is After-Shave Balm?

Answer After-shave balms are different than splash after-shaves, lotions or cremes. Balms have a thick, glue-like consistency and need to be rubbed into the face vigorously. Balms generally lack alcohol a... Read More »

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How to Use After Shave Balm?

Shaving can cause all sorts of skin irritation, from chaffing to small nicks in the skin. Using a regular aftershave can add to the irritation due to the high alcohol content of most aftershave pro... Read More »

What Is After Shave Conditioner?

Caring for skin after shaving is just as important as caring for it prior to shaving. The key is to keep skin hydrated and smooth, and to avoid razor burns and bumps. When skin is conditioned right... Read More »

Why do my legs become sooo itchy after i shave and what can i do about it?

If you shave in the shower, do that last. Right after you dry off put lotion on and that should do it.

Will swallowing tiger balm ease my hearts pain after a heartbreak?

you could try putting the tiger balm across your chest where your heart is. or find something to distract you from what you have lost. (tip: avoid drugs and self harming activities )