What Is A Free Good Virus Scanner 4 My Computer?

Answer AVG is good for me.Get it directly from this link:…

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I need a good free virus scanner for this computer?

AVG is about the best you can get. It will tell you what sites are good and bad before you even go to them.

What is a good FREE virus scanner that i can install in my computer?

Well 99% of people here will suggest AVG. I'm in the 1% that will say AVAST Home FREE…Having used both, Avast far out performs AVG With full automatic upda... Read More »

What's a good free computer virus scanner and remover?

Try this:I have the free versions of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) and Avast Antivirus installed. You're correct when you say that installing more than one antivirus is unwise, as they almost a... Read More »

Can Somebody Please Tell Me A Free Virus Scanner For my Computer!!?

These are all good free places to go for virus and or spyware protection, removal and advice… Read More »