What Is 2 Cycle Engine Oil?

Answer Perhaps 2-cycle engine oil catches your eye in the store. With all the formulas and weight of oil available, it can prove to be confusing. But, there is a big difference between 2-cycle and regular... Read More »

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How do I find what year a Tecumseh two-cycle engine was built?

Locate Engine Identification LabelFind the engine identification label on the Tecumseh engine. Depending on the model, this tag is usually located on or under the engine cover or near the spark plu... Read More »

How to Find What Year a Tecumseh Two-Cycle Engine Was Built?

Tecumseh is a small-engine manufacturer that builds two- and four-cycle engines for applications such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. Each Tecumseh engine has an identification tag, with the ident... Read More »

How to Decarbonize a Two Cycle Engine?

A two-cycle engine has oil mixed in with the gas for lubrication, and eventually the engine will have to be decarbonized.

How to Fix a Two Cycle Engine Rope Starter?

Two-cycle engines, like those found on chainsaws, gas-powered trimmers or small lawnmowers, typically use a rope starter. Over time, the rope in these rope starters can become damaged and break. Re... Read More »