What Ions Are Present When Dissolving AGNO3 in Water?

Answer Silver nitrate is a good example of an ionic compound; a chemical formed from the mutual attraction of oppositely charged atomic groups. Silver nitrate is not only ionic, it is also highly soluble ... Read More »

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Is sugar dissolving in water a chemical change?

Sugar dissolving in water is not a chemical change because no new bonds are formed between elements. Instead, dissolving sugar in water is a physical change because the sugar has taken a new physic... Read More »

Is dissolving sugar in water a physical or chemical reaction?

When sugar is dissolved in water it undergoes a physical change. A physical change will rearrange molecules without affecting the internal structure, whereas a chemical change will create a new che... Read More »

What Are the Most Abundant Ions in Sea Water?

Thanks to water's powerful solvent capabilities, a wide range of elements dissolve into their ionic forms within the world's oceans. Along with water, chloride, sodium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium,... Read More »

Qualitative Analysis of Different Ions in Water?

Ionic compounds are those where the ions are held together by electrical attraction. When an ionic compound like NaCl (table salt) dissolves, the ions dissociate, and the interactions between them ... Read More »