What Inventions Were Invented in 1999?

Answer In 1999, the last year of an innovative century, people were worried about Y2K and getting ready to usher in the new millennium. While Barbie was celebrating her 40th birthday and the planet's popu... Read More »

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What Were the Inventions of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia was an ancient land in western Asia in what is now part of Iraq. Mesopotamia was home to several advanced cultures, such as the Sumerians and the Assyrians. Historians call Mesopotamia ... Read More »

What Inventions Were Made in the 1800s?

Live Science defines inventions as the process of discovering or presenting an element of novelty that will be of use to someone. For centuries, famous inventors have devoted their lives to an idea... Read More »

What Were Some Inventions Between 1750-1900?

The Industrial Revolution began around 1750 when technology and economic progress became the focus of improvement around the world. The Industrial Revolution merged into the second Industrial Revol... Read More »

Who were the Artists Preformed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1999-2005 and what were the song they played?

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