What Inventions Did the Ojibwe Indians Make?

Answer The Ojibwe people used to share a common home with the Ottawa and Potawatomi in northern Ontario, Canada, but they eventually migrated south to the Great Lakes and west to Manitoba, and beyond. The... Read More »

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How to Make Ojibwe Style Frybread?

Today in America we have many types of food from many cultures. In this article, you’ll find a recipe for Fry Bread, a fluffy golden brown type of bread fried similar to a doughnut, but not as th... Read More »

What Inventions Did Eli Whitney Make?

Eli Whitney was one of the most prominent inventors during the Industrial Revolution. Whitney spent his childhood in Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War period and worked in the fields with ... Read More »

What Do Hopi Indians Make?

The Hopi Indians, descendants of the Anasazi Indians, are a group of Native Americans who reside in northwestern Arizona on a 1.5 million acre reservation. The Hopi, which means "peaceful people," ... Read More »

What wood did indians use to make bows&arrows?

Native Americans used various materials for their bows and arrows, depending on the climate and the use intended. Common woods for the bow included ash, birch, cedar, choke cherry, hickory, juniper... Read More »