What Internet protocol does MySpace use?

Answer Because MySpace is a website, it uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP for short. You can tell that MySpace uses this protocol by looking at its address in the address bar of your browser: ... Read More »

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What is IP (Internet protocol) and how do I set it up?

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What is the protocol for the Internet?

The Internet protocol suite is a set of networking standards used with local area networks, the Internet and World Wide Web. It has multiple layers that form the basis of transmitting data and allo... Read More »

What Is Internet Protocol Security?

The security concerns of the Internet--confidentiality and authentication--led to the establishment of a protocol, Internet protocol security, IPSec, to implement these concerns in all computer net... Read More »

What is an internet protocol number?

Without Internet protocol numbers, the Internet could not function. These numbers are the reason that you can browse a website, download a file or even chat with friends around the world.Definition... Read More »