What Influences the Weathering of Earth Materials?

Answer Weathering, or the breaking down of earth's materials, happens in many different forms. Natural occurrences like water, wind and temperature are primary contributors to the weathering of rocks and ... Read More »

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How many magnetic materials are on earth?

Everything is magnetic to a degree. Aluminum, which is called non-magnetic because magnets do not stick to it, reacts to a magnetic field at the atomic level. Iron, nickel, cobalt and gadolinium ar... Read More »

How to Make a Model of the Earth and Its Core out of Recycled Materials?

Go green with your science project by using recycled materials to create a model of the Earth. You can make this project easily from recycled paper and paint, but be sure to allow yourself enough t... Read More »

What is the key factor that influences BAC?

Size, weight, gender, race, amount of alcohol consumed over a given time period, air pressure, concentration of alcoholic beverage and alcohol tolerance.

What Are the Four Causes of Mechanical Weathering?

The process of weathering breaks down rocks exposed to the elements into smaller particles that can be carried away by wind and water erosion. Weathering is divided into three broad categories: mec... Read More »