What Indicates a CV Joint Is Bad?

Answer Constant velocity joints are fairly tough by nature, but even the best of them fail over time. CV joint-failure symptoms are fairly universal, and often progress rapidly from a mild clacking to tot... Read More »

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In name iPhone what you indicates?

If you paid for a 3rd generation but ended up with a 2nd generation, and you know for sure, go back to where you bought it with your receipt and all iPod accessories and iPod that came with it in t... Read More »

What is the legal term that indicates a lawyer is representing a client for free?

According to the American Bar Association, the term for providing legal services for those who would be unable to afford the fee is "pro bono publico." The phrase is often shortened to "pro bono."R... Read More »

A large bang followed by a puff of smoke at the back of the computer indicates what problem?

sounds like a broken fan. thats the only thing that could make smoke and make a loud noise. the friction of it running against it case could make smoke. most power upply's today have a vrm voltage ... Read More »

What Kind of Joint Is the Atlanto-Axial Joint?

The atlanto-axial joint occurs between the atlas and the axis bones, which are the first two cervical vertebrae of the spine. It is a compound synovial joint; that is, it moves freely and is compos... Read More »