Im BoReD!!! What should i Do?

Answer watch youtube

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What should an 11 year old do when shes bored?

As in Hummus? Ground up chic peas, and garlic I can't see why that wouldn't be good for you.

What should i do on facebook none of my friends have facebook none and I'm bored any ideas for me *thanks*?

join some applications... like tetris or typing race or even texas hold em poker... they are so addictive and they kill alota time on face book.... also, it would be a great time to make some new f... Read More »

WHo should i google. except bill gates... i'm bored?

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity? Quantum Physics? That should keep you occupied for a few days!

I'm so bored with "hello" how else should I answer my phone calls?

Say, "I was on my way to go poop so this had better be good."