What If Your Egr Valve Vacuum Is Unplugged?

Answer Exhaust gas recirculation is a method of reducing or eliminating toxic pollutants produced by automotive engines. The device that controls the flow of these exhaust gases is called an EGR valve. Ta... Read More »

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Can a vacuum cleaner shock you when unplugged what other electrical equipment can?

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Why Does My Car Run Better With the PCV Valve Unplugged?

The PCV valve is the key component in the positive crankcase ventilation system. A defective PCV valve can cause a number of problems for an automobile engine. Though you can remedy these problems ... Read More »

What is a vacuum valve?

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Internet keeps saying "a cable is unplugged" but the cable isn't unplugged?

No, the Internet is not saying a cable is unplugged. The Internet is a worldwide network of computers, and doesn't say ANYTHING."it was not like this before"Before... WHAT? What happened? Knowin... Read More »