What If You Come Into Money Before Your Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Answer Obtaining money subsequent to a bankruptcy filing but before your receive your discharge can have various results depending upon the bankruptcy chapter that you chose. The vast majority of individu... Read More »

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What Does It Mean When a Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Bankruptcies fall under federal jurisdiction in the United States. There are federal bankruptcy courts in every judicial district across the country. Federal law, the United States Bankruptcy Code,... Read More »

When is a bankruptcy considered discharged?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt is discharged 60 days after the first meeting of the creditors. For Chapters 11, 12 and 13, discharge occurs as soon as the debtor completes all payments outlined under ... Read More »

How to Buy a Car for Cash Before Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Bankruptcy provides relief from debt for businesses and individuals by giving bankruptcy filers a way to cope with debt while being protected from creditors. After a bankruptcy case has been filed,... Read More »

How do I add a loan to a discharged bankruptcy?

Your AttorneyContact the attorney who represented you in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Explain what the debt is and ask how you can have it discharged post-bankruptcy. That debt may already hav... Read More »